Intel AI Meetups in Africa- A first!

Lagos Meetup

November 2017 was an exceptional month for our developer outreach activities in Africa! I had the chance to take the Intel AI Meetup Series to 6 cities across Africa.This was the first time we had our meetups on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in these cities. It was great meeting the vibrant developer communities in the various developer hubs and delivering practical sessions on this very interesting and incipient topic. The sessions  covered the following topics:

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning Fundamentals
  • Machine Learning Applications in Real Life
  • Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) for Image Recognition
  • Recurrent Neural Networks for Speech Recognition
  • How Intel plans to help developers to improve performance of Machine Learning workloads
  • What frameworks are optimized for Intel Architecture and how you can get access to them
  • The Intel AI Portfolio

The Meetup Series begun in Lagos at CCHUB on the 16th of November where we trained 125 developers. We then proceeded to Cairo at KMT on the 18th of November where we registered the highest attendance of all the meetups with a total of 192 developers. The audience in Cairo was also well versed with various deep learning concepts and it was a memorable event with such a great ambiance.

Nairobi Meetup

The next stop was Kampala at Outbox Hub on the 23rd of November. Here after delivering the Intel ingredient at the workshop, we invited Dr John Quinn from Makerere University’s AI Research Lab. Yes! Makerere University has an AI Research Lab, probably the best in class in the region and they have been using Artificial Intelligence to tackle everyday problems in the region. You can read more about their amazing here  We then proceeded to Kigali on the following day where we delivered a workshop at Klab hub with about 100 developers in attendance.

Cairo Meetup

It has been a very exciting experience getting to meet developers across Africa and discussing the potential of machine learning and AI. We are looking forward to resuming the meetups in 2018 with hands-on practical lab sessions, so be on the lookout for this. We promise to make it worth your while!


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